Wholistic Leadership

Wholistic Leadership

I’ve been a student of leadership for well over 25 years.

What I’ve come to realize is that as I continue to learn through experience, reading, talking to people, and writing on the subject that more doors open to what I’ll call the unknown.

My realization is that we’re never “there,” and that in fact we’re always arriving, seeking to improve our knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

When you look at our rapidly changing world the need for building strong personal adaptability is becoming ever more critical, whether you’re dealing with work, home, or community issues. At the core of this is our pursuit to enhance our personal leadership. However, to do this–and do it well–means that each of us needs to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness.

My aim for this website is to help you in your journey to become an effective leader. If you consider yourself already to be a good leader, then I hope to assist you to become an even better one. Whether you’re part of Generations X or Y, or a Baby Boomer like me, the information in this site is very relevant. Why? Because none of us are ever “there.”

Leadership is a lifelong study and pursuit. And there’s something else: my personal philosophy of leadership is that it resides at all levels of organizations and communities; leadership is to be shared if we’re to achieve great and lasting results. The distinguishing difference between management and leadership, as I’ve explained to many people over the years, is this: managers are appointed to their positions; leadership must be earned. For some people, these words are undoubtedly hard to accept, but they’re reality.

If you aspire to be more effective as a leader–and as a member of society–the information contained in this site will be of worthy assistance to helping put you on the right path.

This is where wholistic Leadership enters. It’s the culmination of how leadership and management should be combined together as an integrated practice. Holistic Leadership may therefore be defined this way:

Throughout our lifetime, each of us needs to work towards becoming a balanced, centered individual who is able to effectively use the four principal components of wholistic Leadership: teaching, directing, participating, and nurturing.

With that said, let’s begin the journey of discovery and enlightenment.

If you’re interested in developing your leadership, for yourself and your organization in order to drive results, contact me today!